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Why Medical Malpractice Cases Are Hard To Win – And How We Do It

A medical malpractice case takes a great deal of effort and expense to prepare. Therefore, we select cases carefully and prepare diligently with the passion and persistence that it takes to win.

At The Viorst Law Offices, we only take medical malpractice cases when we are confident that we can win. Our criteria and methods are described below.

  1. We are diligent to gather all medical records and other information that expert witnesses and decision-makers in a case will need to evaluate a medical negligence claim in depth.
  2. We consult with reputable medical experts early in a case.
  3. We demonstrate to our testifying experts that the facts are egregious. We realize that physicians want to protect the integrity of their profession, so they will often only analyze cases when it is obvious that other health care providers betrayed accepted standards of medical care.
  4. Through a detailed evaluation of medical records, expert witness testimony and documentation of a patient’s suffering, we prepare compelling arguments in our client’s favor, as if for trial.
  5. We keep in mind potential biases often expressed as, “The doctors did the best they could.” We make sure that no one can claim that a doctor or hospital did right by a patient when we demonstrate sets of facts such as the following:
    1. The wrong body part was operated on.
    2. Excessively high doses of anesthesia or other medications were wrongly administered to a patient.
    3. A medical provider gave wrong or incomplete information to fellow team members before surgery, resulting in serious harm or death.
  6. We work hard to find the needle in a haystack from among the great quantity of medical records, expert testimony and other evidence.
  7. We present claims in settlement conferences, mediation or arbitration that let our clients’ legal opponents know that we will go to trial if necessary.

Discuss Your Legal Options After Medical Negligence Has Left You Hurting

When you want to know what it takes to win a medical malpractice case, attorney Anthony J. Viorst is a reliable source of information and advice. For more than 20 years, he has honed the craft of fighting and winning medical malpractice claims.

For a credible evaluation of your potential injury claim after a medical error has harmed you or taken the life of your loved one, call our Denver firm at 303-872-5712 or complete a simple online inquiry form to request a free consultation.