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Making Your Voice Heard In The Fallout Of Family Law Malpractice

In seeking legal representation, you expect the attorney you hire to advocate for you and your loved ones thoroughly and with an informed approach. Unfortunately, missteps and negligence can occur and leave distraught clients with nowhere to turn for answers.

Do you believe a family law attorney was negligent in performing their duties or otherwise committed legal malpractice during your case? Our lawyers at The Viorst Law Offices, P.C., have provided extensive representation in legal malpractice matters for years. From our office in Denver, our experienced lawyers offer personalized services and a small firm approach to your legal needs.

You Do Not Deserve To Suffer For Their Negligence

Especially in cases related to divorce, lawyers need to be careful as they are checking all the boxes of Colorado law and working on behalf of their clients to the best of their ability. Common examples of family law malpractice include those related to:

  • Property division: Some assets, like pension funds, have very specific rules lawyers must follow upon property distribution in a divorce.
  • Spousal maintenance: To avoid paying high maintenance amounts, some spouses intentionally obtain jobs with lower wages during their divorce. Divorce attorneys should do serious investigation into the source of the paying spouse’s income and ensure the spouse is not underemployed.
  • Failure to inform: Your family law attorney may also fail to meet their duties by not making you aware of vital information like filing dates, state laws regarding your divorce and the various impacts of your actions in divorce proceedings.

There are various ways an attorney may commit malpractice; family law covers a broad range of complex issues. We have the experience necessary to assist you and your loved ones in pursuing damages for your family law attorney’s malpractice.

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