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Plea bargains help reduce penalties for guilty pleas

Plea bargaining is an important part of the trial process. It plays a practical role and helps save money, time and energy. Most criminal cases that go to court do end with a plea arrangement.

Plea agreements have a few benefits. For instance, they help lower the cost of going to court for the defendant. Additionally, defendants can protect themselves against the uncertainty of a trial and avoid harsher penalties. The court system benefits because it doesn't have to hold a trial, making time for more important or complicated cases to be heard.

Legal malpractice can cost you more than a case

There's nothing quite like finding out you can't take a case to trial because your attorney messed up. Unfortunately, that happens more than you may think. New, inexperienced attorneys may make errors that impact your case, or you may find an older attorney doesn't take your case as seriously as he or she should. Any attorney could make serious errors that result in your being unable to obtain the compensation you were expecting from your case.

Attorneys have to keep your case confidential, and you have a right to know what's happening whenever you ask. You shouldn't have to wait weeks to hear back from your attorney and you should be able to check on the amount you're being charged against the hours the attorney has worked.

Attorney-client privilege applies to email services

As you may know from watching movies or television, attorney-client privilege gives attorneys a chance to know everything about a case from a client's perspective without the client risking the attorney turning them in. The attorney can't be asked to release anything said in confidence.

Many people communicate through email, though, and that isn't as safe as the communications you'd have if you were talking to someone in person. Email messages travel through multiple computer systems before they're delivered, even though it takes only seconds for them to arrive. During that time, there's a chance that your email could be intercepted, making it easier for the other party to obtain the information in that email.

Under what circumstances is attorney-client privilege destroyed?

Attorney-client privilege refers to the confidential communication between a lawyer and his or her client. When attorney-client privilege exists, the information related to such communications may not be used against the client in court. Information and communications deemed to be "privileged" in this fashion include discussions pertaining to the law and legal advice that is either oral or written.

It's important to note, however, that certain communications of information between attorney and client will not be considered privileged. In some situations, attorney-client privilege will not apply or it will be destroyed.

A DUI leads to repercussions in all aspects of life

Colorado's DUI laws are strict and straightforward. As a state that allows both drinking and the use of marijuana, the authorities have to be cautious about DUIs and what they mean for the safety of those on the roads. Colorado's DUI fees are so high that it's very unlikely for people to get them more than once; those who do face significant penalties.

Colorado's Per Se blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is the same as other states at .08 percent. At this percentage, it's assumed that you're too intoxicated to drive and can be arrested for drunk driving.

What should you do if you're a victim of a hit-and-run crash?

A hit-and-run accident is one in which a driver hits another person and then flees without pulling over to make sure the other driver is okay, to report the accident or to await police. Hit-and-run crashes put lives at risk, since there's a potential that those hurt could end up going without the medical care they need.

In the immediate moments after a hit-and-run crash, the steps you take could make or break your case against a fleeing driver. Having a plan before you get into an accident can help, so here are a few things you should do if you're involved in this kind of collision.

Several injured in crash involving restaurant in Colorado

Imagine going out to eat in town with one of your friends. It's the first time you've been out together in some time, and you're enjoying yourself.

Not long after you're seated, you hear screeching outside. Moments later, the vehicle drives straight through the wall of the restaurant where you're seated, injuring you and your friend.

Living with a spinal injury: 3 lasting consequences

Spinal injuries have a major impact on your life. Not only do they have the potential to prevent you from walking or using other parts of your body, they could also result in severe, chronic pain.

Spinal injuries come in many shapes and forms, so no two people will have the same symptoms or potential complications. If you have an injury, you should be aware of these three consequences that could persist throughout your life.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can help you save your future

You committed a crime, but it wasn't completely on your own. In fact, you weren't even the one who thought of committing the crime. It was more like you were coerced or had to go along with it.

Plenty of people end up in situations like yours. Those individuals usually work with criminal defense attorneys who are prepared to help build a strong defense. A good defense can make a world of difference in court.

What is an attorney required to do for you?

Attorneys have an obligation to their clients. If they fail in these obligations, there's a chance that their clients could file and win legal malpractice cases.

A legal malpractice lawsuit usually occurs after an attorney fails a client by neglecting the client in some way. The attorney may breach his or her fiduciary duties or contract in a way that harms the client financially or in other ways.

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