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Female officer claims retaliation and false allegations

It is not always easy to handle a situation in which you're accused of a crime. If you didn't commit it, then you're facing allegations that aren't fair and that you shouldn't need to defend yourself against. Unfortunately, that does happen and is something you'll have to handle as quickly and professionally as possible.

Sometimes, it's even people who work as part of the local police who face allegations that they don't deserve. A woman in Brighton has sued the department over claims that she participated in a police-run sex trafficking ring. She claims that she and two other fellow officers were falsely accused of sex trafficking and that they were retaliated against when they reported officers who were allegedly participating in a sex-trafficking ring. When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) looked into the allegations, it found that they were not credible.

Distracted driving: Eating is a risk to your safety

Distracted driving is a major concern in America, but one kind of distraction you might not think about as much is eating behind the wheel. Many people do it, and it may seem like something you should do because, at the end of the day, that's what a drive-thru is for, right?

The reality is that eating when you drive is distracting and can result in a crash. Why? There are a few reasons:

What is the importance of a good criminal defense?

When you committed a crime, you really didn't think through the repercussions. At the time, you just wanted to avoid getting hurt. Today, you face charges for a situation you couldn't avoid.

The thing you should worry about most is obtaining a good defense for your case. A good defense can mean the difference between a jail sentence and walking out of the courthouse a free man or woman.

Shoulder injuries and your recovery after an accident

Shoulder injuries are some of the most difficult to deal with due to the way we use our bodies as humans. It's common to use your hands and fingers to work. The tendons and joints used to do this link up to the shoulder, often causing pain if the shoulder is injured.

Even if you feel no pain down the arm itself, a shoulder injury can cause pain in the face, neck and back. Every shoulder injury is a little different, but they can all be debilitating.

Understanding legal malpractice: How it hurts victims

Legal malpractice typically stems from an attorney or lawyer not doing what he or she should do in accordance with professional standards. There are three factors in every case, including that there were allegations of a violation of the typical standard of professional conduct, negligence that led to a negative outcome and significant damages came about as a result.

When a victim shows these three factors, he or she can prove to the court that legal malpractice took place. In the event that you can prove it, the attorney who violated your trust may be ordered to pay you compensation or be penalized in other ways.

Getting a medical exam after a crash is vital to your health

Personal injuries from car crashes can range from scratches to serious, life-threatening wounds. Many people who go through crashes suffer the same injuries including whiplash, bruising and concussions.

For the most part, people choose to go to the hospital following a crash. Some may realize they're hurt, while others are unconscious and have no choice. The reality is, though, that some people do try to avoid going to the hospital, even though they could have injuries. They feel fine at the time of the collision, so they don't see the need to see a medical professional.

Broken bones: How complications impact crash victims

When you're in a crash and suffer injuries, something you may end up dealing with is a broken leg bone. On the whole, people consider broken bones normal injuries with few real complications. The reality is, though, that broken leg bones can lead to serious complications if they don't receive appropriate treatment.

With complications, it's possible to become very ill, to suffer from chronic pain or even to lose a limb to amputation. Here are a few possible complications that you should be aware of if you have a broken bone.

5 common injuries in crashes that could impact your future

When you're in a crash, dozens of things can happen to your body. You may suffer a head injury or lacerations, you could suffer bruising or organ damage.

After a crash, getting medical help is the key to recovering. Here are a few injuries that could occur in a car crash like yours and why you need to get help soon.

Police brutality has a negative impact on Black communities

There are few worse experiences when driving or in public places than being unjustly threatened by the police. Even if you do nothing wrong, some officers skirt the law and challenge minorities' rights to do all sorts of benign activities. In the wrong circumstances, good people could end up getting hurt or even killed.

Police brutality has made its way into the media in recent years due to the proliferation of smartphone cameras. There are arguments that the criminal justice system is racially biased, and that is what causes these incidents. Others maintain that some officers get out of hand and don't handle situations the way they should.

You can fight back against legal malpractice

Legal malpractice is a threat to anyone who works with an attorney without thoroughly considering his or her background. While the majority of attorneys do their jobs well and care about their clients, not all do. That means that you could end up working with someone who wastes your time and money.

There are different signs of legal malpractice ranging from a lack of communication to being charged too much for the amount of work an attorney's producing. If you notice these, it's a good idea to speak up and find out exactly what the problem is. You may need to take steps to work with a new attorney quickly.

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