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3 scenarios that could lead to premises liability lawsuits

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Injuries |

The term premises liability refers to the legal and financial responsibility that property owners or tenants could assume when visitors and others on their property experience harm. When property conditions contribute to someone getting hurt, the individual injured in the incident may have grounds for a premises liability insurance claim or lawsuit.

Many premises liability claims relate specifically to negligence. If another reasonable person would agree that a property owner, tenant or business did something obviously unsafe or failed to do what was necessary for safety, that party could be liable for the injuries that others incur at the property. The three scenarios below are arguably the most common causes of premises liability claims.

Slip-and-fall incidents

To many people, the term premises liability is synonymous with slip-and-fall claims. The failure of a business or a landlord to properly maintain a space could lead to visitors falling and developing serious injuries as a result. Messy business spaces or unlit staircases are among some of the more common reasons for a slip-and-fall premises liability claim.

Criminal activity

Technically, the people who commit crimes are primarily responsible for the impact that their actions have on other people. However, businesses and landlords can often predict that a property is likely at elevated risk of certain types of criminal activity. Bars, for example, often see numerous drug- and alcohol-fueled fistfights. Hotel parking lots may see vehicle break-ins and muggings targeting tourists. If those affected by criminal activity can establish that the crime was reasonably predictable and potentially preventable with better security rates, then they may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit based on negligence security.

Animal attacks

Dog bite incidents and other scenarios in which animals become aggressive can cause severe injuries. Property owners could face promises liability claims if their dog jumps over a fence or runs away from them at a park before attacking another person. Homeowner’s insurance often covers dog bite incidents even when they do not occur at the policyholder’s home. When businesses make their spaces accessible to the public and allow animals on the premises, the business could potentially be liable after a visitor ends up injured because of an animal’s aggression.

Falls, criminal activity and animal attacks can all cause significant injuries and property damage losses. Those who understand what might give them reason for a premises liability lawsuit can potentially seek compensation through their losses. Learning more about premises liability with the assistance of a skilled legal team can potentially help people to hold the right party accountable for a preventable incident that resulted in harm.