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When An Anesthesiologist’s Error Leads To Harm To Patients

Patients heading to surgery need to be able to trust the skill and diligence of every member of their operating team, including their anesthesiologist. Were you or was a close family member seriously affected by an anesthesia error? If you suspect this may have been the case, do not hesitate to get legal advice.

Consult with a medical malpractice attorney who takes anesthesia error cases with conviction and determination when there is winning potential. At The Viorst Law Offices, we choose our cases carefully and then do the necessary hard work that it takes to win compensation for our clients.

How Anesthesia Errors Happen And What A Lawyer Needs To Prove To Win A Case

If you had a bad outcome from surgery because of an error in anesthesiology, it may have transpired in one of these ways:

  • One or more health care providers may have given your anesthesiologist wrong or incomplete information about your medical background and the procedure you were preparing for.
  • Your anesthesiologist may have had complete information available but failed to review it carefully enough before administering anesthesia to you before and/or during surgery.
  • They may have failed to apply the correct standard of care in the administration of local, regional or general anesthesia before or during your operation.
  • They may have delayed the delivery of anesthesia to you or administered the wrong dose of it.
  • They may have allowed you to remain sedated for a dangerously long period of time.
  • Their equipment may have been faulty. Maybe your anesthesiologist didn’t inspect it properly before your surgery. Maybe they turned off alarms that would have warned them of trouble such as anesthesia awareness during your surgery. You may have experienced physical and psychological trauma when the anesthesia was too weak or too late to work properly.

If we accept your case and prepare a medical malpractice claim on your behalf, we will work closely with expert witnesses who can analyze the technical deficiencies of your anesthesia care. They should also be able to help our attorneys explain your case in language that claims adjusters, juries or judges can understand.

The Bottom Line: Relief For Your Suffering.

You or your loved one may have experienced asphyxia, brain damage, prolonged unconsciousness or a heart attack, stroke, spinal cord injury, allergic reaction or trachea injury because of an anesthesia error. Our goal, if you choose our law firm, will be to help you recover compensation for additional medical care that the patient will need, replacement of lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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