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Legal malpractice can result in the loss of your case

Legal malpractice puts you in a difficult position as a client. You're relying on your attorney to be educated and respectful of your needs. You hire an attorney to represent you and to look out for your best interests. If you find out that he or she is not doing that, then you could feel violated and angry.

Domestic violence cases aren't always what they seem

There are many different situations that can result in a domestic violence charge, and it's not fair to assume the accused is at fault in every case. These situations are often complicated. One person might have lashed out fearing for his or her life, or another might have struck first hoping to put an end to a potentially dangerous situation before it got out of hand.

When should you file a legal malpractice lawsuit?

Legal malpractice is a horrible situation for clients. They put their faith in an attorney's knowledge, but when he or she doesn't pull through because of negligence or because the attorney refuses to communicate, it puts the client in a very difficult position.

Legal malpractice leads to losses in court and financially

Legal malpractice can put a person in a horrible situation. Someone who was already dealing with a difficult situation now has a second problem to deal with. He or she may have lost out on financial benefits or gains from a case simply because of his or her attorney's negligence and errors.

What are common injuries that happen during car crashes?

There are many kinds of motor vehicle accident injuries, but there are some that are more common than others. For example, almost anyone who has been in a crash knows the pain of whiplash and the bruising that can result from the seat belt holding you tightly in place.

Man no longer faces murder charge after investigation in Colorado

There is no worse thought than imagining hurting your own child, but it does sometimes happen. When your child is an adult, he or she makes decisions that have consequences far more serious than those he or she might have made as a child. Lashing out could become dangerous and threaten you, which is when you may need to defend yourself against your own flesh and blood.

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