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What You Should Know If You are a Victim of Legal Malpractice in Colorado

A bad or incompetent attorney reflects poorly on the entire legal profession. If a client has been the victim of legal malpractice, there is more that he or she can do than simply complain about their attorney and representation. They can file a lawsuit against the attorney for legal malpractice - but there are specific rules to follow. Just as doctors and hospitals carry liability insurance for medical malpractice claims, lawyers and their firms carry legal malpractice insurance. If the attorney in question is a member of a law firm rather than a sole practitioner, the firm becomes part of the litigation. An experience legal malpractice lawyer can help a client receive compensation because of the actions of a negligent attorney.

Are harsher texting while driving charges coming?

The call for drivers to put down their phones is getting louder this legislative season in Colorado. Texting and driving, often referred to as distracted driving, is a nationwide problem that includes use of cellular phones for a number of non-driving tasks from text messaging to playing games or chatting on social media.

Dangerous ice on the roads causes multiple accidents

Denver can have dramatic changes in weather, and when the winter months are turning to spring, ice and snow begin to become a problem. As these melt, flooding is possible. On cold days, the water refreezes and becomes black ice. For drivers, this is one of the more dangerous times of year.

Solitary confinement: Continued torture?

Solitary confinement. It's long been debated as cruel and inhumane, yet it's still used in the American prison system. The purpose is to extend punishment in the prison system, but "administrative segregation," as it's called in the system, isn't all it's cut out to be. Meals come three times a day through a slot in the door, and the person in the cell has little to no interaction with anyone for 23 hours a day.

Growing Unrest is Spurring Civil Disobedience for Change: Know Your Rights

The current political climate has millions of people across America marching and protesting for and against several causes. Denver residents are no exception. From inaugural protests and the women's marches to recent activity surrounding President Trump's SCOTUS pick and his executive order concerning refugees, these events have Coloradans taking to the streets.

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