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The most common kinds of legal malpractice defined

Legal malpractice can cost a client time and money. It can make it impossible for the client to make a claim, and it can mean that they are left with bills for litigation that wasn't completed in a timely manner or to the best of the attorney's ability.

How does a criminal trial work?

If you've been accused of a crime and charged, you may have to go through a trial. The trial is usually in front of a judge or judge and jury. It is the prosecution's goal to show that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so your priority is to show that there is reasonable doubt in the case.

Driver strikes and kills Colorado State Patrol trooper

Any time you see a police vehicle on the side of the road or witness an ambulance with its lights and sirens on, it's your job to slow down, move over and allow them to get their jobs done. If a driver fails to do this, it could cause a collision and result in injuries.

Legal malpractice and what you need to prove it

Legal malpractice is the last thing you were probably expecting when you hired an attorney. You may be discouraged that your attorney wasn't doing as much as he or she should have for you, and you may feel that you were victimized a second time because of your attorney not taking your case seriously. A legal malpractice claim can be one way to move forward.

When a Car Accident Settlement Falls Short

If you've been seriously injured in a car accident, having a good attorney working hard for you is a valuable asset. It can be difficult to tell immediately the exact extent of your injuries and the impact that they will have on your life. In many cases, an injured person or family members in the case of a wrongful death suit may not fully understand the type of compensation they may be eligible for.

Developing strategies in defense of violent crimes charges

Let's just state the truth up front. Being accused of or charged with violent crimes is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. There is little doubt that even the accusation alone will have a lasting and negative impact on a person's life. Worse, if a conviction is made, the defendant will lose not just his or her freedom, but family ties and civil rights as well.

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