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Driver strikes and kills Colorado State Patrol trooper

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Personal Injury |

Any time you see a police vehicle on the side of the road or witness an ambulance with its lights and sirens on, it’s your job to slow down, move over and allow them to get their jobs done. If a driver fails to do this, it could cause a collision and result in injuries.

In this case, a Colorado State Patrol trooper was struck and killed in an incident involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 25 when the tractor-trailer did not move out of the way. The news out of Denver reports that the trooper is the third to be fatally hit and killed in the last 18 months.

The story states that the man had been outside his vehicle and was investigating a crash that had taken place in the northbound lanes. It was then that the tractor-trailer hit him, leaving him lying on the pavement in the middle of the highway. More authorities were called to the scene, and the driver was detained for questioning. The authorities have said that they intend to arrest and charge him, though he had not been charged or arrested at the time of the news release.

Any time there is an accident, drivers know they should be slowing down or moving over. It’s unclear if the driver was distracted, speeding or if another factor caused this accident. The driver did have a camera on his vehicle, so investigators intend to review the footage to see what exactly happened to cause the accident. If you are involved in an accident like this, any footage you have could be of help to your personal injury attorney.

Source: The Denver Post, “Colorado State Patrol identifies trooper struck and killed by tractor-trailer on Interstate 25,” Jesse Paul and Max Siegelbaum, Nov. 25, 2016