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Police shootings are on the rise again in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Police Brutality |

According to a recent report, Colorado is again experiencing a slew of police-involved shootings. You may already know that our state is considered one of the most prolific police shooting states, but the number of shootings dropped dramatically in 2020.

In 2021, firearm use against residents increased once more. It seems like an ideal opportunity to inform Denver residents that the police brutality and misconduct problem is far from over.

Recent shootings abound

In 2021, the number of police shootings totaled 68. By contrast, the numbers for 2020 totaled 51, marking a difference of 17 shootings. As of May 5, the tally of officer-involved shootings for 2022 has already reached 20, including one in Denver.

  • Wheat Ridge: Jan. 6
  • Larimer County: Jan. 10
  • Arvada: Jan. 12
  • Longmont: Jan. 13
  • Colorado Springs: Jan 20
  • Arvada: Jan. 26
  • Grand Junction: Feb. 3
  • Aurora: Feb. 9
  • Aurora: Feb. 11
  • Pueblo West: Feb. 22
  • Denver: March 2
  • Arapahoe County: March 3
  • Colorado Springs: March 7
  • Jefferson County: April 7
  • Manitou Springs: April 11
  • Larimer County: April 14
  • Lafayette: April 16
  • Evans: April 26
  • El Paso County: April 28
  • Littleton: May 5

In 2021, Colorado experienced about a 74% peace officer replacement rate statewide. More than 2,400 state officers left the law enforcement profession that year, 30 of them due to police misconduct or felony and misdemeanor convictions. A state representative thinks that some of the other officers left the force because they don’t “like the new accountability laws and standards.”

We caution you to practice extreme caution if you must deal with the police, especially if they believe you have committed a crime. If you do suffer police brutality, misconduct or a shooting, remember that you can seek a legal remedy for your mistreatment.