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Failing to file legal paperwork could be neglect by your lawyer

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

When you hire an attorney to handle your legal matter, you place them in a position of trust and authority. Their actions while representing you can impact everything from your custody rights to your freedom.

It is reasonable to expect that your attorney will handle all necessary paperwork and adhere to all appropriate regulations, rules and guidelines established by both the court and state code. Some attorneys will fall woefully short of their clients’ expectations and could even be the reason for an unfavorable outcome in court.

Lawyers must manage all the details of a case

Unfortunately, many attorneys struggle to balance the obligations of their careers. It is common for attorneys to carry multiple cases at once, which can lead to them neglecting one client in favor of another. When that happens, they could make major oversights in the services they provide to some clients.

Failing to file all necessary paperwork with the courts is an example of professional neglect by an attorney. Forgetting to show up for hearings, depositions or other important dates is another example. While it can’t be difficult to balance multiple schedules and remember who needs what filed when, that is part of what you pay your attorney to do.

Mistakes such as not showing up to court or failing to file the necessary paperwork on time can adversely affect everything from the outcome of your divorce to your right to file a lawsuit. Holding a lawyer accountable for such oversight may require bringing allegations of legal malpractice against them for their failure to properly and adequately represent you.