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3 ways to help your teen become a safer driver

On Behalf of | May 7, 2019 | Personal Injury |

There’s nothing more worrisome as a parent than your child hitting the open road without your supervision. You’ll worry about everything from drinking and driving to accidents to breaking down.

There are many tips you can share to help your teen become a safer driver, including the following:

  • Sign them up for a safe driving course: In addition to the tips you share, you can sign your teen up to partake in a course that teaches them how to drive safely. Not only will this give you peace of mind and them experience, but it can help reduce your insurance premium as well.
  • Implement your own rules: For example, you may restrict nighttime driving and highway driving. Anything that you think is unsafe is something you should consider restricting until your teen gains more experience.
  • Be a good example: When your teen is driving with you, show them what it means to be safe. Don’t text and drive. Don’t drive without your seat belt. Don’t drive recklessly. If your teen sees you doing these things, they may assume it’s okay for them to follow suit.

With these tips guiding you, it’s easier to do your part in keeping your teen safe on the road.

If your teen is injured in an accident, such as the result of another driver’s mistake, make sure they receive the necessary medical treatment. After that, you can file an insurance claim, review the details of the accident and make a list of next steps. There are things you can do to seek compensation on behalf of your child.