Should you follow a hit-and-run driver?

A driver runs a stop sign and slams into your car. Then you watch in shock as they back up and drive away from the scene. It's a hit-and-run.

Your instincts tell you to chase them down if your car still works. Otherwise, they're going to get away and you'll have to pay for all of this yourself. Maybe you already feel like you got hurt, and you want them brought to justice to cover the medical bills you know are in your future.

However, experts warn that you should never chase a fleeing car. You can put yourself and others in more danger. It can lead to road rage. It may lead to more lawbreaking -- disobeying the speed limit or running red lights to catch up -- which is not excused simply because you got into an accident.

On top of that, leaving the scene could cause the police to question your account. Who is truly at fault? They may not have the evidence they need to make a determination. You may have missed out on talking to eyewitnesses and getting their accounts. You may even get charged with a hit and run yourself.

In short, you are better off to get what information you can about the car's make, model and license plate number, and then contact the police. Tell them what happened and let them find the hit-and-run driver. You need to focus on getting medical treatment and staying healthy.

After a crash like this, as those medical bills rise, you also need to know about your legal rights to compensation when the driver is caught.

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