Female officer claims retaliation and false allegations

It is not always easy to handle a situation in which you're accused of a crime. If you didn't commit it, then you're facing allegations that aren't fair and that you shouldn't need to defend yourself against. Unfortunately, that does happen and is something you'll have to handle as quickly and professionally as possible.

Sometimes, it's even people who work as part of the local police who face allegations that they don't deserve. A woman in Brighton has sued the department over claims that she participated in a police-run sex trafficking ring. She claims that she and two other fellow officers were falsely accused of sex trafficking and that they were retaliated against when they reported officers who were allegedly participating in a sex-trafficking ring. When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) looked into the allegations, it found that they were not credible.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) granted the female officer a right to sue in April 2018. She had been suspended shortly after being hired, claiming that she had violated police policy. It was only when the FBI informed her of the accusations that she realized she could face life in prison for a crime she didn't commit. There were two co-workers also accused, but the men did not get suspended when she did. This led to her claims of gender discrimination.

When she returned to the job, she claims that she faced sexual harassment and that a sergeant, in particular, had made sexist comments against her.

False allegations can ruin your career prospects and impact your life significantly. Remember, you do have a right to fight back against any charges and may be able to file your own lawsuit in return.

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