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Getting a medical exam after a crash is vital to your health

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Personal injuries from car crashes can range from scratches to serious, life-threatening wounds. Many people who go through crashes suffer the same injuries including whiplash, bruising and concussions.

For the most part, people choose to go to the hospital following a crash. Some may realize they’re hurt, while others are unconscious and have no choice. The reality is, though, that some people do try to avoid going to the hospital, even though they could have injuries. They feel fine at the time of the collision, so they don’t see the need to see a medical professional.

Don’t delay your hospital visit

Delaying your hospital visit could be dangerous, though. Imagine if you have hit your head and have a concussion. You’re already not thinking correctly, but over time, the swelling could lead to further symptoms. If there is a bleed on the brain, it may worsen over the next few hours or days, leading to disability or death. With a medical exam, early symptoms can be identified and treated, preventing injuries from worsening over the next few days.

Some people feel that going to the hospital would be wasting a medical provider’s time if nothing’s wrong, but the reality is that you can’t always tell if something’s wrong right away. Adrenaline and other chemicals mask pain to give you time to get the help you need; as they wear off, you may find you’re in more trouble than you realized. Only a medical exam can help catch possible injuries early on, even before you realize you’re hurt or need help.