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Do people suffer eye injuries in crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Eye injuries are some of the least spoken-about injuries that happen during car crashes. They can significantly impact your life, which is why it’s so unusual that more people don’t draw attention to the reality of these injuries during crashes.

It’s not uncommon to see eye injuries. The area around the eye may break due to the force of hitting the wheel or window. Someone using a pen or caught off-guard by debris could end up with an eye impaled, scratched or otherwise injured in a collision. There are a multitude of ways people end up with injured eyes.

The fortunate thing is that many eye injuries do heal. For cases involving the ocular nerve or damage to the cornea, there are surgeries that can sometimes repair the damage. For patients dealing with eye injuries, it’s vital to be patient and to allow the eye to heal. Infection, injury and complications could cost you an eye if you aren’t assertive about receiving care.

After a crash, you may not believe that there is anything wrong with your eyes, but it’s a good idea to go to the hospital for a checkup. A doctor will look at your eyes to check on your brain function and to make sure the eye itself is working correctly.

Avoiding eye injuries in an automobile crash isn’t always easy, but by securing all items while traveling and avoiding using sharp objects in your vehicle, you’re taking good steps toward safety in a crash. With the right precautions, it’s possible to reduce the risk of an eye injury in a crash.

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