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Dangling lights and the risk of electrocution

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Blog |

Twinkling string lights have became popular to use inside as well as outside. These lights dazzle and brighten spaces. Unfortunately, some do pose a risk to individuals, especially if they aren’t cool to the touch or designed for outdoor weather conditions.

There are dozens of ways that you could hurt yourself on dangling lights, but with the right precautions, they stay safe year-round. Here are three things to remember.

1. Don’t use nails or staples when holding lights in place

Plastic connectors and clips work best when connecting lights to an outdoor space. Yes, it’s easier to use a staple, but no, it’s not safe. If you pierce the line from the lights to the outlet, they could overheat, spark or lead to a fire. Individuals caught during a fire could end up with burns, damaged lungs from smoke inhalation or other injuries. If you do have to use staples or nails, make sure you’re not piercing the wire.

2. Only use lights where they’re intended to be used

Yes, that dangling set of bat-shaped lights would be a welcome addition to your nature-viewing shed, but if they’re not intended for outdoor use, you could end up with beautiful decorations that lead to a shock. Only use lights intended for indoor/outdoor or outdoor use when brightening up outdoor spaces.

3. Avoid having the bulbs touch anything

While LED lights are cool to the touch and safe for most situations, not all string lights are LEDs. Lights that get hot could burn or singe carpets, cause fires or burn you when you try to move them. Make sure your bulbs don’t touch anything to keep them safer, and turn them off when they’re not in use.

These are a few tips for keeping string lights safe. With good preparation, you can prevent fires, burns and electrocutions.