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A conflict of interest can result in financial losses

When you find an attorney for your case, the last thing you ever want to do is hire someone who is working for the other party. Why? There's a distinct conflict of interests if you decide to work with someone who also has an interest in helping the other person win his or her case.

Family wins case after baby's delivery ends in brain injury

Nothing is more horrifying to new parents than watching a once-healthy child be born with injuries that were preventable. That's allegedly what happened in this case. A Memorial Hospital doctor has been sued after a child suffered brain damage during delivery. According to the news report, the child won't ever be able to drive a car or go to college. Why? He suffered a brain injury when he was born on Oct. 5, 2005.

You can fight for compensation after hand or wrist injuries

Imagine not being able to use your hands or fingers, but your job requires it. You'd be unable to get your work done, and even with technology like voice-to-text computing, it may be impossible to do your work all. Finger, hand and wrist injuries have the potential to impact your work significantly, making it important for you to get a fair settlement from the person who caused your injuries.

Don't fight insurance companies for a fair offer all alone

After you suffer an injury from an accident, you have a big job ahead of you that no one can do but you -- the hard work of recovery. While many people with important skill sets can help, there are some aspects of your rehabilitation that only you can do, and it is usually pretty hard work.

Dealing with a neglectful attorney: Legal malpractice

Your life was destroyed when the car accident happened. Your only goal now is to get compensation for your losses. With so little left to lose, you know that you have to make a future with what you can and make sure those who cost you your loved one pays.

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