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Legal Malpractice: Breach of Fiduciary Duty

When you retain an attorney, that attorney has a fiduciary duty to you. This means that the attorney has an obligation to act in your best interest. However, the fiduciary - the attorney in the case of legal malpractice - has to knowingly accept the duty to act with discretion in his or her expertise, on your behalf. When you sign a retainer agreement, the attorney has created a fiduciary duty to you.

Soccer player alleges legal malpractice in botched case

When you go to court or seek out an insurance claim, you rely on your attorney to help you get through the claim and to get the most you can. The settlement you receive is based on many factors, but a good negotiator can make the best of a complicated situation.

Legal malpractice: You can prove negligence hurt your case

Legal malpractice is when an attorney does not perform up to the standards expected by others in the same field. For example, if all attorneys in the field of family law could have helped with a divorce but the attorney you had was unable to understand the laws in your state, then you would be a victim of legal malpractice.

Excessive Force in Police Brutality Cases

For people who have interactions with the police in Colorado, it is important to understand the term "excessive force," and the types of behavior police might engage in that are beyond their legal powers. This is complex area of the law, so it is important to hire an experienced attorney if you believe you have been a victim of police brutality due to their use of excessive force.

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