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What is legal malpractice?

A legal malpractice lawsuit is a claim that a lawyer or attorney did not perform to the standard that other reasonable attorneys or lawyers would have in the same situation. The standard of care is described in a number of easy terms including the skill and care with which a case is handled, the judgment of the attorney working the case and the diligence and knowledge of the attorney.

Legal Malpractice: What is "Competence?"

When you hire an attorney to represent you in a legal matter, you should be able to trust that the attorney is knowledgeable and competent about the law. Unfortunately, just as in any role or profession, sometimes clients find themselves harmed because an attorney made mistakes in handling their case.

Defend yourself against state and federal charges for phishing

Being arrested for an internet crime might seem like it wouldn't be the worst criminal act to be accused of, but internet crimes can lead to prison sentences and heavy fines if you're convicted. One kind of scam that is viewed particularly badly by the courts is called a phishing scam.

Legal malpractice claims on the rise in the United States

It may be no surprise that some attorneys do things that can be constituted as negligence or malpractice. However, it has been shown that the number of legal malpractice suits has grown and could be stemming from the fact that the United States still has a struggling economy.

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