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3 main types of distracted driving

Distracted driving is often thought of as driving while talking on a cellphone -- or texting -- but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that it's much more than that. They define it as anything at all that makes the driver think about something or do something that is not directly related to driving the car. Certainly, sending a text message falls into that category, but so do things like changing the radio station and eating behind the wheel.

Serious injuries can change your life

Personal injury is a relatable area of law, even if you aren't familiar with the law. We all get injured, and even though the injuries everyone suffers everyday are mostly minor or unimportant in some ways, there are some people who suffer terrible injuries as a result of someone else's negligence or due to dangerous circumstances or conditions that should have been addressed or fixed prior to the injury.

Legal Malpractice: Conflict of Interest

Attorneys practicing law in our state are legally and ethically required to adhere to the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct when providing legal representation to their clients. This Code itemizes duties and conduct that govern the lawyer/client relationship. When an attorney fails to perform his duties within the scope of these rules, and this results in harm to his client, this may be a case of legal malpractice. Conflicts of interest are an area strictly governed by these Rules and one of the 10 most common types of legal malpractice claims asserted by clients.

Criminal appeals are an important part of the system

The criminal justice system we have in the United States seems to insist upon itself. We have a robust system of private prisons. We create laws and penalties that punish people severely for relatively minor crimes. The prisons get their prisoners, lawmakers and law enforcement feel they are doing the right thing, and society feels safe because the system is "working as intended." 

Recent personal injury accident: 2 critically injured in crash

A car accident may have a major impact on the emotional, financial and physical well-being of a victim, as well as his or her family. In addition to injuries suffered, a car accident can leave victims with medical bills and lost wages. When the accident was the result of the other driver's negligence, a victim may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in a Colorado civil court against the other driver.

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