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Financial penalties can linger longer than legal ones after a DUI

Any criminal charge, no matter how minor it may seem initially, should be vigorously and fully defended. Criminal charges stick around for far too long, with the individual's criminal history haunting them while they hunt for new opportunities -- may they be a new job, a new apartment or home, or a new line of credit. Anyone accused of a crime should consult with an attorney to make sure their case is handled appropriately from the beginning.

Colorado drivers: don't use your cellphone while driving

Cellphone use while driving is unequivocally recognized as a dangerous behavior. This act inherently takes your attention off of the road and places it on an absorbing screen that can make you lose a sense of where you are on the road, or even how much time has passed. You may only look at your phone for what seems like a second or two -- but usually that means five or ten seconds, which is an eternity when it comes to changing traffic and roadways. A car could have sharply hit the brakes in front you during that time.

Legal Malpractice - Protecting Victims from Attorney Errors

We are all familiar with medical malpractice where a doctor or medical professional makes an error that results in the harm of their patient. Well, legal malpractice works on the same basis, except within the legal framework of what a lawyer role is to a client. Legal malpractice is real, and it is a tool that's creation helps keep the legal system running smoothly and justly. Here is more on what legal malpractice is.

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