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What does legal malpractice look like? 

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Legal Malpractice |

When you are facing legal challenges, having an appropriate support network around you can help to ensure the best outcome in your case. At the top of the list in terms of support are those with the relevant legal knowledge. 

Those entrusted with meeting your legal needs have a duty of care. This means that they must handle your case with due diligence, without making errors that are deemed to be negligent. Malpractice in any legal case can have devastating consequences in terms of your reputation and finances. Crucially, in criminal cases, legal malpractice could also result in restrictions being imposed on your liberty. Analyzing what legal malpractice looks like is certainly worthwhile and could ensure that your legal rights are upheld. 

Does your representative have the relevant experience?

Different aspects of the law require specialized experience or training. For instance, the law relating to divorce and family law differs significantly from criminal procedures. Therefore, it is vital that anyone handling your case has knowledge in the relevant field of litigation. For example, a family law attorney who takes on a criminal case without any experience could be hurting their client. 

Are you being updated about your case?

Although you can receive outside guidance, many decisions about your case ultimately rest with you. Without effective communication, it is impossible to make informed decisions regarding your future. A failure to communicate could mean that your interests are not being fully represented, which could amount to legal malpractice. So could situations where you find out that your attorney rejected an offer on your behalf — without consulting you.

Is your attorney paying attention to the fact of your case?

Securing a favorable outcome can often rely upon all parties having a clear understanding of the facts at hand. Even the most simple error regarding the facts of your case could have a negative impact on your life. Professionals who claim to be on our side have a duty to gain a full understanding of your specific circumstances. 

Those who act in a legal capacity are obligated to uphold the highest standards of care. If you feel that your legal rights have been violated in Colorado, then there may be legal options open to you.