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Colorado charges officers and paramedics who overdosed a man 

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Police Brutality |


Colorado charges officers and paramedics who overdosed a man 

Police misconduct has historically gone unaddressed in many parts of the country. Only with the rise of mobile phones with excellent built-in cameras and the advent of police body cameras has the public really become aware of how inappropriate police behavior can be.

Many times, police misconduct leads to allegations during criminal proceedings or a civil claim against the officer or department involved in an arrest. However, in a growing number of cases, police misconduct has led to arrests and even convictions. Colorado recently made national news when the state brought charges against multiple people for the  2019 death of Elijah McClain.

What happened to Elijah McClain?

In a story that is as frustrating as it is tragic, an introverted young man endured an unnecessary and violent encounter with the police that culminated in his death. Police officers claimed that the young man, who is not suspected of any actual criminal activity, resisted them. 

They held the young man to the ground and called for paramedics, who administered an amount of a sedative that would have been appropriate for someone who weighed at least 50 pounds more than McClain. The young man later died in the hospital. 

There were three police officers involved in the detention of Elijah McClain, and all three now face criminal charges. The two paramedics who responded to the polices officers will also face charges. Rather than allegations of brutality, however, they face manslaughter and criminal negligence charges.  

If the prosecution of these individuals is successful, it may set a precedent that helps prevent this kind of tragedy from affecting other families in the future. Recognizing that police misconduct doesn’t always involve firearms or fists can help you push back against the mistreatment you or a loved one endured.