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Can an attorney help you sue another attorney?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Legal Malpractice |

If you are a victim of what you believe is legal malpractice, one of the things you will want to do is to talk to another attorney about your claim and why you believe you have a case. Not all attorneys will feel comfortable suing other attorneys, and it’s reasonable that they would feel that way. Some may be colleagues or friends, so they may see it as a conflict of interest.

At the same time, there are many attorneys who will be happy to help you with your case, because it’s important for people in this field to be held accountable for their actions and to make sure that the standards are always set at the highest level. It doesn’t make sense for an attorney to ignore another who is causing problems, because that creates distrust in the industry and may hurt everyone in the end.

How do you find an attorney to help you sue for legal malpractice?

To find an attorney who will help you sue, you need to start by looking at legal malpractice attorneys. There are attorneys who specialize in this area of law and who will know what to look for to determine if you have a malpractice case.

It’s not usually advantageous to go to the same firm for support, as there would be a conflict of interest in most cases. You may be able to find a new attorney locally, however.

When you reach out to the new attorney, make sure you tell them the basics about your case from the start. What happened, and why do you believe that you are a victim of malpractice? For example, did the attorney take on your case but fail to show up on the court date? Did they refuse to return your calls? Did they miss important deadlines? Give the important details when you send an inquiry or call. Then, make an appointment and bring important documents with you.

Finding the right attorney is possible. With some help, you may be able to hold your past attorney responsible for malpractice leading to financial losses.