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Why do drunk drivers cause car crashes?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Scientists have been in the public eye more than ever recently. When opinions on what is and is not safe differ, some people demand to see categorical scientific proof before accepting what others feel is obvious.

Most people would accept that drinking alcohol before driving is dangerous. Yet, many continue to believe they are immune to the effects of alcohol and can still have a few drinks, then get in their car and drive.

Alcohol affects your body in several ways making it more dangerous to drive

Here is what the science says about how drinking alcohol affects your body:

  • Your brain: Driving requires your brain to make an ongoing series of decisions based on the information it receives. Alcohol increases the release of a chemical in your brain called GABA, making you feel more relaxed and slowing your brain’s ability to make decisions and making you feel sleepy. Recent research suggests it also targets Norepinephrine, a stimulant in your brain that can make you more impulsive and confident. It is the reason people do stupid things after a few drinks. Being too relaxed or overconfident are both dangerous when behind the wheel.
  • Your eyes: If you have ever sat on a barstool and seen the face of the person in front of you blurring, that is because alcohol reduces your eyes’ ability to focus. Clear vision is crucial when driving.

However solid the scientific proof that alcohol and driving do not mix, there will still be drivers who either refuse to believe it or ignore it. If a drunk driver injures you in a crash, it is crucial to understand your options to claim compensation.