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Watch out for swimming pool accidents this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Personal Injury |

As summer kicks in, Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation has started to reopen its swimming pools. With many closed all last year, the temptation to jump in and cool off is high, especially for children. Those lucky enough to have a pool in their garden will also be pulling back the covers and may invite you around. Yet where there is water, there is danger.

While swimming pools do not have the currents of the local rivers or the boats and sudden temperature changes of local reservoirs, they still carry risks.

Drowning is not the only risk at a swimming pool

While drowning is a risk in any area of water, no matter how deep, it is not the only hazard. Here are a few of the dangers a swimming pool can hold:

  • The area around the pool: Many accidents do not occur in the water but around the pool’s edge. The passage of wet swimmers can soon make the poolside slippery causing a fall, or a broken tile could cut a shoeless foot.
  • Vents in the pool: Each year, people lose their lives getting their hair or a body part trapped in pool drains.
  • Changes in depth: Ensure your child checks the depth markings before diving or jumping into the pool. Take extra care around private pools which may not have this information.
  • Other pool users: Watch out for groups of teens or young adults who may have been drinking before they enter the pool. They can easily get carried away and might not look where they are jumping — and that can lead to injuries for anybody already in the water.

If you or your child suffer a swimming pool injury, it is crucial to understand your compensation options. If the property owner was negligent, you might be able to hold them responsible.