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The reality of summer for teen drivers: It’s the deadliest season on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Most people picture summer and teenage drivers as a period of carefree fun with friends, where they can take road trips and spend their days relaxing at each other’s houses. Teens with a license look forward to the summer months so that they can try out this newfound freedom in a way that often eludes them during the school year when their schedules are packed and they spend most of their time in the classroom. 

The reality of summer for this same age group, though, is much different. It tells a story of high risk and danger, to the point that the three main months of summer have been nicknamed the “100 deadliest days.”

Why do fatal car accidents among teen drivers spike every year?

The reason for this nickname, of course, is that fatal car accidents tend to spike in the summer, at least for teens. But why do we see this increase? What makes the summer so dangerous, as opposed to the ice and snow of the winter months?

The reason for the risk is also the reason for teens’ excitement: Not spending all day in school. The free time is fun, but it also means they spend more hours on the road. They drive for more miles. They drive with friends. They cruise around with the music on. Some drive while impaired. But all of them simply drive more often, and that means that they’re just going to be involved in more severe accidents. After all, teens have an abnormally high fatal crash rate. That just becomes clearer in the summer.

What if you get injured in a wreck?

Sharing the road with teens can be worrying, so make sure you know what legal options you have if you’re injured in one of these accidents. When you’re hurt and the bills are stacking up, you have every reason to expect fair compensation for your losses.