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How do police officers decide how much force to use?

| Feb 16, 2021 | Police Brutality |

Police officers aim to protect and serve the public, but they sometimes endanger people if they use more force than is necessary during an encounter. Citizens can wind up severely hurt during an interaction with police officers who use excessive force.

Allegations of police brutality and excessive force have affected law enforcement agencies all over the country, but community attention on this issue has never been higher. The use of non-lethal physical force and de-escalation training have become common tools to improve community relations with police departments and reduce the negative impact policing has on neighborhoods.

Does Denver help protect citizens from the risk of police violence?

Continuing education for police officers is crucial for both their job performance and the safety of the public. Denver has invested in tools, like training simulators, that can help police officers use more appropriate levels of force when attempting to detain or arrest somebody. Ongoing training can help officers feel more confident and competent in stressful and unpredictable situations.

Unfortunately, no amount of training can undo someone’s deep-set psychological issues, such as a fear that takes over in certain circumstances because of a past encounter. It’s worth noting that the same system that the police use for de-escalation training also has modules that they use to practice “shoot-don’t shoot” scenarios. There is still a strong focus on the use of force, which can lead to people getting hurt.

If you have faced violence from a police officer, you may want to learn more  about your situation to see if it constitutes actionable police brutality.