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Did your attorney stretch too far outside of their area of knowledge?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Legal Malpractice |

When you trust someone to handle certain kinds of problems, it makes sense that you would turn to them for anything that comes up in that area.

Unfortunately, that could be a mistake when it comes to your attorney. Using the same lawyer for every legal issue you encounter could put you at higher risk of legal malpractice.

Many lawyers specialize in just a few particular areas of the law

There are so many areas of law that it is very difficult for one attorney to fully understand all of them, which is why many lawyers specialize. 

A lawyer who truly values you as a client will let you know when they can’t take your case or will bring on outside help, like a legal consultant, to assist them. If your lawyer takes your case without being familiar with the specific area of law where you need help, their lack of knowledge might constitute neglect or professional incompetence. They could overlook crucial precedent or legal code that any competent attorney in that area of law would know.

For example, if you call the family law and estate planning attorney who handled your divorce and drafter your will to represent you after you’ve been charged with drunk driving, it would be more appropriate for them to refer you to an attorney who handles criminal defense — not try to handle the case themselves.

A legal malpractice claim can help you bounce back from an unfair outcome

A lawyer who doesn’t know the area of law where you need help can’t give you the right guidance. If their lack of experience and knowledge is the direct cause of your loss in court, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice claim. If you suspect this is what happened to you, you may be able to hold that attorney responsible for their professional failures.