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The types of legal malpractice for which you could hold your lawyer liable

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2021 | Legal Malpractice |

If you were dissatisfied with the performance of a lawyer that you hired, you may have felt that they simply did not have your best interests at heart, even though you were paying a lot of money to fight for you. Their failure to perform competently and aggressively could have cost you a lot, so you will obviously be feeling angry as a result.

If you feel short changed by a lawyer, you should take the time to consider whether your lawyer broke laws in the ways that they dealt with your case. Lawyers have the legal duty to competently fight for their clients and act in their best interests. Therefore, if they did not fulfill their duties, they could be liable for legal malpractice. The following is an overview of some of the most common types of legal malpractice.

Misuse of finances

Lawyers are required to engage in certain processes when they receive payments for clients. For example, when a retainer payment is received, this must be put into a trust account. Putting these funds into a personal account could be a form of legal malpractice.

Missed deadlines

When a lawyer fails to meet deadlines, this can have huge consequences for their client. It can lead to the loss of money or mean that a claim can no longer be made.

Poorly conducted investigations

Lawyers have the duty to have a full and comprehensive understanding of the law, as well as to investigate the context of the situation. Failing to fully investigate in the discovery process will mean that the lawyer will not be able to represent their client competently.

Communication errors

Errors in communication could mean that your lawyer takes a decision on your behalf that you did not agree to.

If you believe that your lawyer engaged in legal malpractice and you were subject to damages as a result, it is important that you take action to hold them responsible.