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Vision Zero may help address 10 years of cycling crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Sharing the roads with other drivers, bicyclists do their best to stay safe. Unfortunately, after a decade of data collection, it has been shown that thousands of riders have been hurt in crashes. In a 2019 case, a man was crossing the road to get to a park when a truck made a left turn and struck him. The driver then fled the scene.

That hit-and-run is not the only cycling crash the state has seen. The Colorado Department of Transportation reported 8,092 crashes involving cyclists in the last 10 years, based on data from 2010 through 2019.

How often are cyclists injured in crashes?

Based on the statistics above, around 75% of cyclists ended up suffering injuries in bike crashes. Most of those people were struck while crossing at intersections, the place that should be the safest.

Why are intersections so dangerous for cyclists?

Intersections are dangerous because of the potential for drivers to turn against the lights. A driver making a right turn on red might enter into a crosswalk even when a cyclist has the right of way. They may block a bike lane or cross in front of a cyclist sharing the lane, too.

The data shows that 4,425 cyclists were injured in intersection-related crashes during the 10-year period. In the majority of cases, the drivers were turning when the crashes happened. Unfortunately, their errors resulted in 32 fatality crashes.

Vision Zero is attempting to reduce crashes

Vision Zero, which was a project started in Sweden in the ‘90s, is now being used around the United States in some cities. The project aims to reduce the likelihood of crashes by outlining a plan to make the streets in communities around the country safer. CDOT plays a role in this by selecting transportation projects that will improve lighting, accessibility and safety.

Over time, the roads may become safer. For now, anyone who is biking or driving needs to be cautious. Be aware of others around you and take steps to prevent crashes when you can. Follow the rules of the road, so everyone can get to their destinations safely.