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Do you need a legal malpractice attorney?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

Clients sometimes get the feeling that their attorney isn’t doing what they should do. This might be because documents aren’t being filed on time, the attorney isn’t returning their calls or doesn’t show up to court. When this occurs, it’s imperative that you determine what action you need to take.

Some people who are in this position might assume that they can handle things on their own. This isn’t usually a good idea. You need to work with someone who is familiar with this area of law because it is rather complex. Consider these reasons when you’re trying to decide what you should do:

Evidence handling

A legal malpractice attorney can review the evidence in the case and determine what needs to be kept confidential and what should be shared. Some evidence may need to be preserved in a specific manner. The attorney is also able to plan for how to present it to the court.

Expert testimony

Some legal malpractice cases hinge on being able to call on a professional for that testimony in your case. Lawyers are a tightknit group, so it’s often difficult to find one who will speak out against another one.

Financial determination

Legal malpractice can sometimes come with financial impacts. Determining what type of financial damages you’ve suffered takes some consideration, so you should work with someone who is familiar with ascertaining the types and amounts of damage you’ve had to deal with due to the malpractice.

Your legal malpractice claim must be handled carefully. Contacting an attorney who works in this area can help you to get things put together, so you can get the case filed before the time limit expires.