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These are 3 types of police misconduct you should know

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Police Brutality |

When you interact with the police, you want that interaction to be positive. You don’t want to have a negative interaction because that can negatively color your vision of the police. You want to be able to trust and rely on the officers who serve in your community.

Unfortunately, just one bad apple can spoil the bunch. If even one officer is causing problems in the community due to their misconduct, then everyone may have to live with a greater level of tension.

There are a few types of misconduct that you should watch out for in Colorado. These may include:

  • The use of excessive force
  • False imprisonment
  • False or unlawful arrest

Each of these are a little different, so here is more information.

Excessive force

Excessive force is when law enforcement agents use more physical force than is needed to handle a situation. For example, using pepper spray when someone was being compliant would be unnecessary and potentially a sign that excessive force was used.

False imprisonment

False imprisonment happens when you’re restrained in an unauthorized way, such as being locked in a police car when you’re not under arrest.

Unlawful/false arrests

Unlawful/false arrests happen when an arrest takes place without probable cause, such as if an officer just stops someone randomly and places them under arrest because they “look suspicious.”

If you suffer through any of these situations, it’s important for you to speak out and get the legal support you need. There is no excuse for treating people with such disrespect, especially because the police should be there to protect and serve you.