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How does the law address a loved one’s wrongful death?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Any number of descriptors can be used to define the fundamentals of modern life – that is, day-to-day living – in Colorado and across the rest of the country.

Many of them might logically link to the idea of pace. That is, contemporary life in the United States always seems to be getting faster and more frenetic, doesn’t it?

Coupled with that escalating speed tied to daily activities is a growing complexity and hurried behavior progressively on the march. Most Americans lead increasingly busy lives. There are always things to do and places to go. And constantly evolving technologies always compete for attention.

Collectively, that yields a picture of constant movement, and often at a hurried pace marked by notable distraction.

Many people welcome the hustle-bustle nature of modern life, of course, readily embracing the constant stimulus it provides.

Sometimes, though, the nonstop and quick activity breeds downsides, especially when a person is preoccupied with several matters at one. That is especially apparent – and often tragically so – in the personal injury realm.

What is wrongful death, and why does it occur?

Any discussion of wrongful death might reasonably commence with reference to this single word: negligence. In the case of a deadly car accident, for instance, human error is almost always a primary catalyst. Third-party inattentiveness or other careless behavior both figuratively and literally drives fatal roadway outcomes in legions of cases. Absent negligence, tragic motor vehicle accident outcomes almost never occur.

The meaningful role a wrongful death remedy can play

Surviving family members of a loved one whose life was unexpectedly lost in a negligence-tied accident (whether owing to a car crash, work injury, medical error, defective product or something else) necessarily have coping and healing on their minds.

That is, they’re not focused on legalities. Candidly, no legal remedy can appropriately address and compensate for a family member’s passing.

The law does what it can, though, and many individuals and families find that pursuing justice in the wake of a wrongful death is empowering. A proven and compassionate personal injury legal team with demonstrated advocacy in wrongful death matters can help surviving loved ones obtain maximum compensation that can secure these important aims:

  • Accountability that ensures the identification of all parties whose conduct contributed to a family member’s passing
  • Deterrence (helping to curb similar outcomes in the future)
  • Recovery of lost wages and benefits
  • Payment of medical and funeral expenses and other costs

Moreover, a wrongful death remedy can speak meaningfully to emotional as well as financial losses by spotlighting pain and suffering and allocating compensation for loss of comfort and companionship.

Surviving family members must grieve and persevere in the aftermath of a loved one’s death. Importantly, too, they must move forward as best as possible with their lives.

Proactively pursuing a wrongful death claim can help them do that.