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Rush hour driving safety tips

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you live in or around the Denver area, you know that rush hour traffic is nearly impossible to avoid. Even if you only have a short commute, you’re likely to find yourself sitting in traffic at some point.

While it may be second nature to you at this point, it only takes one lapse in judgment to cause an accident. So, rather than take a risk, here are some safety tips you can follow:

  • Leave more space: When traffic is slow, it’s natural to drive closely to other vehicles. However, the more space you leave, the more time you have to stop should you need to do so in a hurry. If three car lengths is good, four or five is better.
  • Change routes: Even if it takes you longer to reach your destination, another route may help you avoid the most trafficked roadways. Consequently, you’ll feel better about avoiding an accident.
  • Stay in your lane: As you look for ways to save time, “chasing the fast lane” is common. Don’t get into this habit, but instead choose your lane and stay put until it’s time to exit.
  • Pay attention: Human minds have the tendency to wander when they’re stuck in traffic. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to always focus on the road, the drivers around you and the rules of the road.

When you follow these rush hour driving safety tips, you should be more confident in every move you make.

If another driver, such as someone who was speeding or distracted, causes an accident, it’s critical to file an insurance claim and consider other legal action for protecting your rights.