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Denver Police arrests a man for shooting from a parking garage

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

A Denver Police Department spokesperson has identified the 39-year-old man that they believe was responsible for firing shots from within a River North (RiNo) parking structure on Nov. 23. Police allege that he fired as many as nine shots from the Blake and 27th garage that day.

The law enforcement officers who combed the area were easily able to identify their suspect. He was still carrying a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle on him when police came across him while searching the area.

Officers found that the man was carrying several high-powered magazines with him as well. It’s illegal for anyone in Colorado to possess any magazines that are capable of holding 15 or more bullets.

Police have learned that the man moved from one level to the next within the Colorado Rockies parking garage as he made his various shots. Witnesses residing in the RiNo loft building saw him intermittently pacing back and forth and peering over the edge of the parking structure. The witnesses also noticed him scoping stairwells on several occasions as well.

Surveillance footage in the area shows the man’s gun pointed at the nearby traffic at various times.

Witnesses remarked how he seemed to be keen on setting up a tactical position where he could remain both concealed and protected as he moved about. This leads to law enforcement to believe that the man may have had prior military training. Police haven’t yet determined whether the man had a particular target in mind. They note that it’s fortunate that he didn’t injure anyone with his shots. He allegedly damaged two cars though.

The suspected was arrested and charged with various criminal offenses including tampering with a motor vehicle, criminal mischief and prohibited use of a large-capacity magazine and weapon charges. It’s unclear when the next hearing in his case is or what penalties he faces if convicted of such crimes.

There are certain weapons charges on the books in Colorado aimed at ensuring that some of the most deadly mass shootings that have occurred in this state don’t happen again. This is why prosecutors here are quick to charge individuals suspected of such offenses. A criminal defense attorney with a track record of success can be an advocate for your rights if you’ve been accused of a violent crime here in Denver.