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A criminal conviction has a lasting impact

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

A criminal conviction can have many long-term impacts. While most people only think about the initial consequences, such as prison time or fines, there are many things that can happen to you following the administrative penalties you face.

One thing to keep in mind is that your future career could rely on a clean criminal record. If you have an arrest or conviction in your past, it may be questioned by any new employer. Criminal background checks are a normal part of employment application processes. It may limit your career options if you have a conviction or a history of violations on your record.

Another thing to remember is that any criminal conviction could be open to the public. Even your trial could be public. That means that even those that you do not want to know about your conviction could find out just by looking at the newspaper or appearing at court on the day of your trial. Many trials are public.

The hardest thing to face with any conviction is the potential for your reputation to be damaged. It may hurt your social status, family ties and career opportunities. For that reason, people facing charges often turn to their attorneys for support. The right help early on can help you avoid heavier charges and potentially avoid a conviction and the penalties that come with it.

Every case is different, so before you plead innocent or guilty, consider speaking with a professional. Our site has more on the importance of knowing your rights before you go to court for a charge.