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A lack of communication is unacceptable from an attorney

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Legal Malpractice |

One of the main kinds of legal malpractice that people complain about is a lack of communication. A lack of communication can mean different things to people from various backgrounds, but generally speaking, it just means your attorney is not responding in a timely fashion to your phone calls, emails or other forms of attempted contact.

It’s a known issue that many attorneys are busy, but that doesn’t excuse them from getting back to you within a set time frame. For example, if you call on Monday, you should probably get a call by Friday. There is normally no reason not to get some type of response within a few business days. Even then, if the message is urgent, your attorney should respond rapidly.

What can you do if you think your attorney is too slow to respond?

The first thing is to talk out the problem. You can let your attorney know that you’d like a response, even if it’s just to let you know that you’ll be hearing back later in the week. Some offices may be able to set up automatic responses to let you know your information reached the correct party.

If that doesn’t work, you can call back several days later. If even then you can’t get a hold of your attorney, then you may want to send a letter asking for a response. Keep a photo or copy of it with a postmark, so you know how much time has passed.

With the right documentation, you’ll have a solid basis for a legal malpractice case should the need arise. Otherwise, your attorney may realize that they need to be more responsive.