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Understanding legal malpractice: How it hurts victims

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Legal Malpractice |

Legal malpractice typically stems from an attorney or lawyer not doing what he or she should do in accordance with professional standards. There are three factors in every case, including that there were allegations of a violation of the typical standard of professional conduct, negligence that led to a negative outcome and significant damages came about as a result.

When a victim shows these three factors, he or she can prove to the court that legal malpractice took place. In the event that you can prove it, the attorney who violated your trust may be ordered to pay you compensation or be penalized in other ways.

There are a few examples of legal malpractice and negligence that you should know. They include:

  • Having a conflict of interest
  • Billing fraud
  • Lack of due diligence
  • Dishonesty
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Improper legal advice
  • Missing statutes of limitations
  • Errors or omissions that lead to the dismissal of a case

There are many others as well. The trouble with the above mistakes is that they often cost the victim a large amount of money and potentially result in the loss of a case. If he or she is injured, a victim of medical malpractice or dealing with other losses, there is no reason why an attorney should make errors that cause the individual to lose a case and his or her chance at compensation.

Our site has more on what to do if you’re a victim of malpractice. It is within your rights to fight back and aim to get compensation from the attorney who wronged you.