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5 common injuries in crashes that could impact your future

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Personal Injury |

When you’re in a crash, dozens of things can happen to your body. You may suffer a head injury or lacerations, you could suffer bruising or organ damage.

After a crash, getting medical help is the key to recovering. Here are a few injuries that could occur in a car crash like yours and why you need to get help soon.

1. Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries range in severity, which is part of what makes them life-altering. Complete injuries result in paralysis, a lack of feeling and sensation, below the point of injury, while incomplete injuries may just cause weakness or chronic pain.

2. Head and traumatic brain injuries

Whether it’s a skull fracture requiring surgery or traumatic brain injuries that cause you to lose certain physical functions, both have a potential to cause disability in the future. Head injuries are common as a result of an impact to the steering wheel, windows or road itself.

3. Broken bones

Broken bones might not seem significant, but they do have the potential to require surgery, fusions and other treatments that limit your functionality. In extremely severe cases, amputation could even result.

4. Internal injuries

Internal injuries can cause serious harm to people. Punctured lungs limit the intake of oxygen, lacerated spleens could need to be removed surgically. There are many different injuries that can occur, but all have the potential to require emergency surgery if the bleeding isn’t controlled.

5. Eye injuries

Eye injuries can, in the most severe cases, lead to blindness. Even if they don’t, there is a potential for scraping or otherwise damaging the eyes, which can be painful and debilitating.

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