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2 teens hurt when 1 collides with an electrical pole

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Teens are learning to drive, and they sometimes make bad decisions. It’s an unfortunate truth that those decisions sometimes have severe consequences that can’t be avoided. For example, if a teen decides to drink and drive, an accident could result in injuries or deaths that can’t be reversed. It’s a hard way to learn a lesson.

That is allegedly what happened in this case involving two teens. A teen in Grand Valley has been charged in relation to a serious crash after a passenger was left with severe injuries.

According to the Oct. 8 news report, the 18-year-old driver was allegedly drunk when he crashed into an electrical pole in Fruita. His vehicle was partially crushed by the impact, damaging the front end and doors.

The teen’s passenger, also 18, had to be cut out of the vehicle and transferred to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver was taken to the hospital for his injuries as well. He was released shortly after and charged with a DUI, vehicular assault and reckless driving.

In cases like this, the victims are left with serious wounds that may never heal, while the driver faces a completely different future over one poor decision. Families may choose not to pursue a claim, but know that it’s a passenger’s right to pursue compensation if a driver makes a decision that puts his or her life in harm’s way. Injuries are expensive to care for, and filing a lawsuit or personal injury claim helps you obtain the compensation that is needed to get the best medical care.

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