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5,400 Mercedes recalled for due to a seat belt detector problem

One of the benefits of buying a new luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz is that it will be equipped with many cutting-edge safety features. These features could save you and your family members' lives, so they provide an enormous sense of peace of mind while navigating traffic. The problem is, from time to time, new safety features are also prone to having serious defects that inhibit their use.

Two highly unique safe driving tips to remember

Drive defensively. Drive the speed limit. Follow the rules of the road. Hide your smartphone so it's out of reach. Don't drink and drive. You've heard the same advice so many times, you're probably tired of it. Chances are, however, that you've never heard the following two driving tips, which very well could prevent you from getting into a fatal collision.

Self-driving cars are not the cure for distracted driving (yet)

Smartphone lovers -- and social media addicts -- who have to put their cellphones aside for a few minutes to drive their vehicles from A to B are no doubt excited by the idea of driverless cars. After all, it would seem that giving up complete control of your car to a robot driver would give you more time to focus on other activities, like reading, sending emails, texting or updating your social media profile.

What should you know about the dangers of distracted driving?

When most people hear the word "distracted driving" these days, they think of smartphones and people texting while driving. While smartphones are indeed the most serious threat to people being able to pay attention to the road, there are many ways that drivers can get distracted, such as by eating, putting on makeup, talking to passengers, adjusting the radio, daydreaming and engaging in other activities.

Dedicated to seeking the maximum amount of compensation

A catastrophic injury never happens when we expect it -- nevertheless it can change our lives forever. Many Colorado accident victims are left disabled and unable to work for the rest of their lives. When you add the enormous cost of medical care to the difficult reality of being permanently disabled, you have a seriously difficult financial circumstance on your hands.

Driver found after deadly hit-and-run crash on Interstate 270

A hit-and-run driver is a person who flees the scene of an accident. That accident may or may not have resulted in injuries. The point is that the person did not think to stop, even though someone could have been in serious pain or in a life-threatening position.

Cellphones: Just as dangerous as drunk driving

Distracted driving is always dangerous, and even though certain habits have started to decline, there are always new distractions to watch out for. For example, while texting and driving isn't allowed any longer in most states, people can still become distracted with voice calls. If not voice calls, then perhaps with video calls, which not only allow them to talk but also view the other party. It's not safe, but it happens more often than it should in moving vehicles.

Hit-and-run drivers should be found and held responsible

A personal injury isn't always so severe that it leaves you with lasting disabilities, but it can be serious enough that you're temporarily unable to work and provide for yourself or your family. When you get hurt, it's typically your right to pursue a claim against the person who injured you. If that person has insurance, you can make an insurance claim. If not, then a personal injury lawsuit might be called for.

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