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What should you know before filing a legal malpractice lawsuit?

It's not uncommon for Colorado attorneys to make mistakes when litigating a case. Those errors may result in a different verdict from what you'd expected, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they did anything wrong. It may be a different story if your attorney neglected to file the appropriate motions in a case or missed a deadline. It's in instances like these that you may have reason to sue them for malpractice.

When might I need to file a legal malpractice lawsuit?

Attorneys, like all people, make mistakes. Lawyers in our state must complete certain educational requirements and maintain a license in good standing with the Colorado Bar Association to be allowed to continue practicing. If they fail to carry out their prescribed responsibilities, then they may be sued for legal malpractice. There are many different examples of why a lawyer may face a lawsuit for negligence.

A lawyer's lack of communication shows a lack of responsibility

Legal malpractice is a harmful kind of malpractice because it threatens the financial security and rights of victims. People who aren't treated fairly by their attorneys are less likely to win cases and more likely to go without what they should be entitled to.

Legal malpractice: 2 major mistakes attorneys make

There are a few ways that attorneys can avoid legal malpractice claims, but for clients, the question is actually what attorneys could do that would mean that the clients should file a claim. While an attorney knows that ignoring a deadline isn't a good idea, not all clients may understand the importance of deadlines or realize that they have a right to a claim if an attorney misses one.

A lack of communication is unacceptable from an attorney

One of the main kinds of legal malpractice that people complain about is a lack of communication. A lack of communication can mean different things to people from various backgrounds, but generally speaking, it just means your attorney is not responding in a timely fashion to your phone calls, emails or other forms of attempted contact.

Understanding legal malpractice: How it hurts victims

Legal malpractice typically stems from an attorney or lawyer not doing what he or she should do in accordance with professional standards. There are three factors in every case, including that there were allegations of a violation of the typical standard of professional conduct, negligence that led to a negative outcome and significant damages came about as a result.

You can fight back against legal malpractice

Legal malpractice is a threat to anyone who works with an attorney without thoroughly considering his or her background. While the majority of attorneys do their jobs well and care about their clients, not all do. That means that you could end up working with someone who wastes your time and money.

Rules of Professional Conduct and your attorney's ethics

Legal ethics are an important part of the profession. The Rules of Professional Conduct have been adopted by the American Bar Association. All states except for California follow these rules. Interestingly, California adopted its own set of rules instead, where attorneys follow similar rules with a different format.

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