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You can fight back against legal malpractice

Legal malpractice is a threat to anyone who works with an attorney without thoroughly considering his or her background. While the majority of attorneys do their jobs well and care about their clients, not all do. That means that you could end up working with someone who wastes your time and money.

Rules of Professional Conduct and your attorney's ethics

Legal ethics are an important part of the profession. The Rules of Professional Conduct have been adopted by the American Bar Association. All states except for California follow these rules. Interestingly, California adopted its own set of rules instead, where attorneys follow similar rules with a different format.

Attorney-client privilege applies to email services

As you may know from watching movies or television, attorney-client privilege gives attorneys a chance to know everything about a case from a client's perspective without the client risking the attorney turning them in. The attorney can't be asked to release anything said in confidence.

What are some kinds of legal malpractice?

Legal malpractice is a terrible thing to discover following a case. Maybe you wanted to obtain compensation for a car crash or you were hurt during your child's delivery. Whatever happened, if your attorney did not treat you appropriately or have the education required to complete your case with the appropriate care, you could be able to seek compensation.

Legal malpractice: Proving it in Colorado

As someone who was relying on a legal professional's help, there's nothing worse than realizing he or she made mistakes or didn't take your case seriously. Legal malpractice is a serious problem, and you have every right to work with a new attorney to make sure you get your case heard against the attorney who cost you everything.

Fighting legal malpractice means trusting a new attorney

As someone who has already faced a traumatic incident, the fact that you don't think your attorney paid enough attention to your case or did his or her best to represent you could make you furious. There are situations in which attorneys don't do their best for their clients, and in those cases, the clients may have a right to file a legal malpractice lawsuit.

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