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A DUI leads to repercussions in all aspects of life

Colorado's DUI laws are strict and straightforward. As a state that allows both drinking and the use of marijuana, the authorities have to be cautious about DUIs and what they mean for the safety of those on the roads. Colorado's DUI fees are so high that it's very unlikely for people to get them more than once; those who do face significant penalties.

An alibi: A strong support for your innocence

Facing criminal charges is a terrifying thought, but having a strong defense can help you fight the allegations and reduce the likelihood of receiving penalties. One thing that can help you significantly is if you have an alibi for the crime you're accused of. Even better is having multiple alibis. For instance, having a friend who you were with at the time of an alleged crime means you have another person who can corroborate your story.

How should you present yourself in court?

Going to court is probably not your favorite thing or even something you planned on doing in the past. Whatever the case may be, if you have to go to court, you need to know how to act and what you need to look like. Showing up unprepared and ill-mannered does nothing for your case.

Drug law changes can lead to reparative justice in some states

With the legalization of marijuana, some believe that it's time to address past crimes and to make criminal justice reforms. In California, for instance, Californians voted to allow people to petition to hide or reduce the convictions on their records for marijuana-related crimes as soon as marijuana was legalized. In the state, they refer to that change as reparative justice, allowing people to repair the harm caused by the United States' war on drugs.

An affirmative defense can work for a DUI

Getting charged with a DUI is a shock, and you probably want to immediately do everything you can to get out of the risk of a conviction. Don't let your fear of getting into trouble make you admit to wrongdoing or say something that incriminates you. The best thing to do after an arrest is simply to stay quiet and seek the help of your attorney.

Drug addiction treatment versus prison: An examination

As someone who has been accused of using drugs, you're in a difficult position. You know that without a strong defense, you'll be at the mercy of the court and prosecutor. Even with a defense, there's a chance you'll still end up facing penalties.

The importance of a defense attorney can't be understated

A defense attorney has an important job. He or she is on your side, knows the law and knows what it takes to win your case. In the event that the case isn't able to be won, your attorney knows other alternatives to facing serious penalties, which makes it easier for you to get a plea deal or to fight for a lesser penalty.

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