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A past criminal conviction could hurt your new case

If you have a history of violating the law and are charged with a new crime, then you may be concerned about your past hindering your ability to defend yourself in this case. You're partially right in your concern; there is a higher likelihood that your past could be brought up.

Man arrested after taking ride-sharing service to his car drunk

If you're caught drinking and heading to your vehicle, a kind officer might tell you to take an Uber or Lyft, to grab a taxi or to call someone for a ride. It would be in your best interests to follow those recommendations instead of getting behind the wheel, because once you do, you can be arrested for drunk driving.

Colorado law changes could help parolees

Colorado makes it hard for people who committed felonies to enter back into the world; they have to go through probation without committing any other crimes. While the majority need to survive just 18 months without committing another crime to work their way back into a normal life, the actual length of parole could be years.

A DUI leads to repercussions in all aspects of life

Colorado's DUI laws are strict and straightforward. As a state that allows both drinking and the use of marijuana, the authorities have to be cautious about DUIs and what they mean for the safety of those on the roads. Colorado's DUI fees are so high that it's very unlikely for people to get them more than once; those who do face significant penalties.

An alibi: A strong support for your innocence

Facing criminal charges is a terrifying thought, but having a strong defense can help you fight the allegations and reduce the likelihood of receiving penalties. One thing that can help you significantly is if you have an alibi for the crime you're accused of. Even better is having multiple alibis. For instance, having a friend who you were with at the time of an alleged crime means you have another person who can corroborate your story.

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