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4 questions about loss of consortium claims

When someone gets seriously hurt in a car accident, if the victim has a spouse, this husband or wife will also suffer damages. Although these damages will not be connected to any personal injuries, they could have a significantly negative impact on the spouse's life -- which is why spouse's may be able to pursue a "loss of consortium" claim after their significant other gets hurt.

Were you accused of drug trafficking? Understand what this means

Simple drug possession usually involves accusations that the defendant possessed a small amount of drugs. When larger quantities of a drug are found in someone's possession, however, the defendant could be accused of drug trafficking. Unlike a drug dealing offense, which relates to an individual offering illicit drugs for sale, a drug trafficking offense relates to the distribution of drugs to multiple dealers on a much larger scale.

Two highly unique safe driving tips to remember

Drive defensively. Drive the speed limit. Follow the rules of the road. Hide your smartphone so it's out of reach. Don't drink and drive. You've heard the same advice so many times, you're probably tired of it. Chances are, however, that you've never heard the following two driving tips, which very well could prevent you from getting into a fatal collision.

What is a "conflict of interest" in legal malpractice?

Imagine that your lawyer is representing you in a contentious court battle pertaining to a sexual harassment lawsuit. Millions of dollars are on the line as you have suffered extensive personal injuries, psychological damages, financial damages and career damages as a result of the treatment your employer forced you to endure.

Self-driving cars are not the cure for distracted driving (yet)

Smartphone lovers -- and social media addicts -- who have to put their cellphones aside for a few minutes to drive their vehicles from A to B are no doubt excited by the idea of driverless cars. After all, it would seem that giving up complete control of your car to a robot driver would give you more time to focus on other activities, like reading, sending emails, texting or updating your social media profile.

What should you know about the dangers of distracted driving?

When most people hear the word "distracted driving" these days, they think of smartphones and people texting while driving. While smartphones are indeed the most serious threat to people being able to pay attention to the road, there are many ways that drivers can get distracted, such as by eating, putting on makeup, talking to passengers, adjusting the radio, daydreaming and engaging in other activities.

Your lawyer must keep any secrets

Clients often feel a bit nervous when they first meet with a lawyer. Naturally, the lawyer instructs them to tell them what happened during the event in question. Many clients feel skeptical or do not want to reveal anything of substance at all.

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