Distracted driving: Eating is a risk to your safety

Distracted driving is a major concern in America, but one kind of distraction you might not think about as much is eating behind the wheel. Many people do it, and it may seem like something you should do because, at the end of the day, that's what a drive-thru is for, right?

The reality is that eating when you drive is distracting and can result in a crash. Why? There are a few reasons:

1. Spills

With drinks, there is always a potential for spills. Many people have burned themselves on coffee, tea or other hot drinks. Others spill soda or juices in their laps. The initial reaction is to look down to clean up the mess or to react to the pain of a burn, both of which take your eyes and mind off the road.

2. Eating and drinking

Eating or drinking takes at least one hand off the wheel while you hold a hamburger, drink or other item. With only one hand, you can't maneuver as well. Additionally, you'll be thinking about eating instead of watching the road.

3. Messy bags and wrappers

Finally, there are bags and wrappers to worry about. Most fast food is wrapped, which means you have to find a place for the wrapper while you eat and once you're done. Looking away to throw it out or set it aside could take your eyes off the road and lead to a crash.

Distractions are avoidable, and by simply parking your vehicle, you can prevent serious crashes. Any distraction is one that could take a life.

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