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Understanding legal malpractice: How it hurts victims

Legal malpractice typically stems from an attorney or lawyer not doing what he or she should do in accordance with professional standards. There are three factors in every case, including that there were allegations of a violation of the typical standard of professional conduct, negligence that led to a negative outcome and significant damages came about as a result.

Broken bones: How complications impact crash victims

When you're in a crash and suffer injuries, something you may end up dealing with is a broken leg bone. On the whole, people consider broken bones normal injuries with few real complications. The reality is, though, that broken leg bones can lead to serious complications if they don't receive appropriate treatment.

Police brutality has a negative impact on Black communities

There are few worse experiences when driving or in public places than being unjustly threatened by the police. Even if you do nothing wrong, some officers skirt the law and challenge minorities' rights to do all sorts of benign activities. In the wrong circumstances, good people could end up getting hurt or even killed.

You can fight back against legal malpractice

Legal malpractice is a threat to anyone who works with an attorney without thoroughly considering his or her background. While the majority of attorneys do their jobs well and care about their clients, not all do. That means that you could end up working with someone who wastes your time and money.

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