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A past criminal conviction could hurt your new case

If you have a history of violating the law and are charged with a new crime, then you may be concerned about your past hindering your ability to defend yourself in this case. You're partially right in your concern; there is a higher likelihood that your past could be brought up.

Injuries from car accidents may not cause pain… at first

After recovering from the shock of a car accident, most people check to see if they suffered any injuries, or if anyone else in their vehicle suffered harm. Often, these injuries are obvious, such as abrasions, broken bones, or more serious harm to the body, causing blood loss or other visually obvious signs of injury.

Know your rights after you're in a hit-and-run collision

It's a horrifying thought to believe that someone would leave the scene of an accident in which you're badly hurt. You may be unable to make a call for help or even to move from the position you're in. You could be trapped in your vehicle or struggle with confusion from a head injury.

If your lawyer failed to advocate for you, it may be malpractice

Most people are familiar with the term malpractice as it applies to the medical profession, but fewer people understand that other professionals can also commit acts of malpractice. Attorneys and legal professionals can and sometimes do commit malpractice when providing services to their clients.

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